A UK review of the new Mustang…for a US audience

I love the poetry of this situation – a Q&A with a British petrolhead, about an American motoring icon, on UK roads, for an American publication. Still following?

Ford NXTThe British petrolhead is, of course, me. The publication is Ford NXT, an online digital magazine for fans of American spec Fords, and the star of the moment is of course, the reborn Mustang.

The fact that the Mustang, for the first time in history has also been launched in right-hand-drive for a UK audience, has caused a stir among fans of the brand over the pond, so the mag’s Executive Editor contacted me to set up a Q&A about my recent Focus RS vs Mustang #CarFilms feature.

The interview feature covers a range of topics, from how well the Mustang has been received by a British motoring audience, to how successfully the new Focus RS continues the true ‘RS’ bloodline, and even my own Mustang family story – yes, I have one!

Read the full article HERE.

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