‪A couple of weeks ago, when it was clear things were getting more serious, I challenged myself to make a car review film WITHOUT driving the car.‬

‪Because we all need to stay safe, but we also need race cars.‬

‪Please enjoy my new film – 2 metres apart of course!

Introducing, the Nova GTE Classic Stock Hatch…

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To celebrate the release of my new historic race car film, I’m giving you the chance to win a historic rally car model!

The competition is running on Twitter – all you have to do to enter is share the film, and follow my ‘Car Films’ channel Twitter account.

This film is a special one to me – not only do I get back behind the wheel of one of my favourite classic sports cars, the Porsche 924, there’s also an inspiring story about motor racing engaging with the next generation of enthusiasts and professionals through schools and colleges.

So I’d quite like as many people as possible to share this story, enjoy the film, and spread the word.

Head to Twitter and enter here:

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NEW FILM – “Driven to Inspire”

This film really gets to the heart of what I love about motor racing, and motorsport in general.

We have the power to inspire people, and motorsport has a big job to do when it comes to reaching out and engaging with future generations of enthusiasts and professionals.

Whether you wield a spanner, click a stop watch, pull the gears, wave a flag or cling to the spectator fencing, you were once inspired by something.

So that makes PDC Racing’s mission very special. Partnering with RS Components, the team will be visiting a school en-route to each race event with the car in 2020.

And of course at the heart of it, I got the chance to drive an historic racing Porsche.

I’m delighted to share with you, “Driven to Inspire”…

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Back in a Porsche 924 – new film preview

We’ve been here before, I know. But you guys love a good transaxle Porsche – I know this because you watched my last 924 film 140,000 times.

Well this one has a bit of a difference – “Driven to Inspire” is probably the most poignant motoring film I’ve ever produced, and I can’t wait to release it to share with you.

It’ll go live this Friday at 7pm, subscribe on YouTube or keep your eyes peeled here to watch first.

Here’s a preview…

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NEW FILM – Ford Mondeo ST200

The Ford Mondeo ST200 is a performance car with an identity crisis.

Could it be, that this surprisingly nimble V6 engined family hatchback is, in fact a GT car?

I set out into the eye of Storm Dennis (really!) to find out.

Watch my latest classic car film, here:

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Wow, could I give this boy one hell of a steer if I could go back 17 years and tell him what I know now.

Of course, I would tell him that tinkering with a #RALLY car is a damn good place to start.

Wisdom, they say. 🙏🏻

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Restarting my motoring films in 2020

I’ve produced a new classic car film, and I’m not sure how we got here.

It’s been one heck of an adventure so far, producing motoring films, car reviews and petrolhead adventures for the past seven years.

In that time, I’ve filmed 45 videos, and my YouTube channel has clocked up over 2 million views!

In 2013 I had a Peugeot 205 GTI sat in the garage, and was curious as to how possible it would be to make a video review of the car, using only my iPhone – no microphone, stand or anything.

Not much has changed in the way I produce my films – my actual phone still doubles up as camera, though I now airdrop all shots to an iPad to edit, and I use a GoPro for the odd shot – particularly in-car.

I’ve received a lot of support, without which there’s no way I would have been able to put such a library of videos together.

Thanks to the people who have trusted me with their cars, the people who have driven for me, the people who have watched and shared my videos, and above all my wonderful family for their faith in what I’m doing.

I stopped producing the films for a while, as I needed to refocus and understand why I make them. And I realised it’s because I simply enjoy driving cool cars, and sharing the experience of motoring with like-minded enthusiasts.

If that’s you – I hope you’ll join me on the next part of the adventure.

Here’s my new film, starring the Alfa Romeo Alfasud…

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