Race track life

I feel I must apologise for the lack of updates over the past couple of months. Being honest, I have never been so busy, and so challenged in every way than I am now, and yet I feel like I’m doing something with real purpose, and I’m loving every minute.

It might sound strange to talk of purpose and race track management in the same sentence. After all, my world is just a niche brand of leisure and entertainment, right?

Far from it. Motorsport is an extremely important industry to the UK, and Cadwell Park has been a way of life for countless people, for a variety of reasons. It’s a place people identify with; the people in my team are like extended family members for many of our guests, and the circuit is a place of pilgrimage for people from all over the world.

That makes my job important in so many ways, and means I have a responsibility to these people, and to the story of this wonderful race circuit. Luckily, I have a truly fantastic team of people to help me step up to meet this responsibility.

So what about my Car Films?

Don’t worry – I’m still producing content, and now that content will also include a different avenue, with the series I’m filming at the circuit. Expect more car reviews and motorsport poetry in the coming months.

And the motorsport TV commitments?

Again, I’ll still be on your screens – I’m actually hosting the annual awards bash for the Motorsport News Rally Championship this month, at Oulton Park. 

I’m still commentating on the BTRDA and Welsh Rally Championships, and a number of other series on Motorsport.TV and now new channel, Front Runner.

I’ll hopefully have some news regarding my rally TV exploits very soon, and I appreciate all the comments I get about the shows, from visitors to Cadwell Park.

You can watch exclusive content from behind the scenes at Cadwell Park race circuit, HERE. Meanwhile, I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at my new home – the best race track in the world.

Thanks, as always for your continued support – I’m delighted to be able to take you with me on this exciting adventure.

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Exclusive behind-the-scenes with Honda British Superbike Team

I wouldn’t like to say that I’m too busy running a race circuit to blog these days…but I am too busy running a race circuit to blog these days. So.

I figured why not combine the two? As Circuit Manager of Cadwell Park, in Lincolnshire, I have access to some exciting motoring activities. The highlight of the past month has undoubtedly been my behind-the-scenes test with the works Honda British Superbike Team.

Based near Cadwell, in the Lincolnshire town of Louth, the team had some issues to iron out after the first round of the BSB season at Donington Park, and they were happy to bare all in this film I shot.

Two less wheels than you’re used to, and I’m used to, and my Grandma is used to. But I hope you like it…

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Cadwell Park – behind the scenes

Apologies for the radio silence, as you might expect I’ve been a bit busy figuring out how to run a race track. 

As it happens, I have a hugely experienced, and extremely supportive team helping me get my head round doing just that. It’s going to be a long, and incredibly exciting journey and I’m fiercely proud to be representing one of the world’s best motorsport brands, MotorSport Vision.

What a fortnight it has been since taking post as Circuit Manager of Cadwell Park race track in Louth, Lincolnshire. From racing cars, to racing bikes, and from helicopter visits from my Formula One driver boss, to breakfast with Guy Martin, it has been a truly eye-opening experience.

Day two of the job saw me buried in health and safety paperwork. Which can hardly be a bad thing when the paperwork reads ‘Race Circuit Driver Training’. Yes, I know!

For all the high profile, eyebrow-raising spectacles I’ve enjoyed so far however, the thing that has stood out to me above all else is the people of Cadwell Park. These people are the reason I took this job; the reason this circuit has the following it does, and I’ve genuinely enjoyed every single minute of getting to know them all.

I firmly believe I have been entrusted with the management of one of the best, most passionate teams of people in the business. This is a sentiment which I hear echoed daily; by colleagues, customers and people who – like me – have come back time and time again because of their hard work in making Cadwell Park a wonderful place to visit.

I must take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all those who have wished me well; on social media, email, in person, and by sending me thoughtful gifts. I appreciate the support, as I have always have, and I hope you continue to come with me on this journey.

I will of course keep you posted as things progress. I would urge you to visit the circuit at your earliest opportunity – it’s one of the UK’s best kept secrets, and nothing can prepare you for the spine-tingling feeling of watching a superbike or single seater racing car all wheels airborne across the mountain for the first time.

You can find full details of all the events at Cadwell Park HERE. In the meantime, here’s a quick look behind the scenes from my first two weeks. It’s not just motor racing, you know…


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I went to Blackpool, to see the (spot) lights…

Ok, so my first ever trip to Blackpool was not to see the lights, or to climb the tower, but for something entirely more spectacular…motorsport.

The North West Stages is an event I’ve taken an interest in from a distance over the last few years. Although I’ve been asked to be involved in the media for the event on occasions before, this year was the first time I’d managed to put a deal together to be there.

I joined the Special Stage TV crew for two days of rally action, with an atmosphere the likes of which I haven’t seen for a long time in club rallying.

Hopefully the atmosphere – together with the action on the stages – comes across in our TV show, which is now online for you to watch in full HD at your leisure.

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“Valvers” – a new car film

In the nineties, the hot hatch was still emulating the heroes of eighties roads, and Citroen embodied this approach with its sporting Saxo range.

The 8v VTR was perfect for first time drivers and cost-conscious performance motorists, while the full-fat 16v VTS was – on paper (and on the forums) – the car to have.

Having owned many Saxo VTS models over the years, including a rally prepared version, and suddenly finding myself with one in the garage again, there was only one thing to do. Then my Dad bought a VTR (same reason as me – couldn’t resist!), so then there wasn’t just one thing to do…there were two.

And here they are, in one film…

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Meeting a legend of Cadwell Park

As I count down to the start of my new adventure, as Circuit Manager of Motorsport Vision’s Cadwell Park, I’m using my blog – and social media channels – to take you with me on this exciting journey.

Paul WoodfordToday I visited the circuit for the first MSVT motorcycle track day of the season, and was blessed to have my wonderful family with me to meet some of the team I’ll be working with, at this brilliant venue.

I was introduced to Bob Armiger, whose personal story with Cadwell started much like my own; albeit 83 years earlier. Bob has been visiting the circuit, near Louth since 1934 when Cadwell was first opened.

In 1934, Bob was eight years old, and at 91 he hasn’t lost any of his enthusiasm for Cadwell and the incredible motorsport stories he’s witnessed over the best part of a century. Indeed, he relished telling me about some of them, and I was delighted to be told – I’m hoping I can spend some more time with Bob to hear more of those stories!

Paul WoodfordHe recalled the track being little more than a dirt road back in the 1930s, chuckling at my excitement, at legends such as James Hunt and Barry Sheene having raced there. As he pointed out, to him those are the ‘new boys’, the heroes of Cadwell Park’s ‘hall of fame’ began much earlier for Bob.

Bob enjoyed telling my children about how he remembers motorcycle racing celebrity, Guy Martin as an oil-covered 9 year old, playing with gearboxes and getting stuck in at a far earlier age than today’s health and safety-conscious world would sign off.

Paul WoodfordIt is stories like this that bring a motor racing circuit to life, and the drama and adventure that Bob Armiger has seen unfold at the circuit hang in the air; an atmosphere you can’t quite place, but you feel before the bark of race engines in the paddock steals your thoughts.

I felt proud of the Motorsport Vision Group, and my team at Cadwell when Bob told me how he is not only spoiled rotten by the hospitality staff on his current visits to the circuit, but how he was also made guest of honour at a recent event, being met by Jonathan Palmer.

Paul WoodfordBob – and people like him – are the reason why I took this job, the reason why I love the motorsport industry so dearly.

It must be hard to comprehend for someone on the outside to understand how a piece of tarmac which plays host to two and four-wheeled racing events can play such a pivotal part in a person’s life.

I’m so excited to take up the role of Circuit Manager at Cadwell, and I truly look forward to meeting more people like Bob; people like you. Get those stories ready, because I can’t wait to hear them.

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Subscribe on YouTube for exclusive content

I’ve got some exciting content in the pipeline for my motoring channel, and of course I’ll share the car films with you on my website, HERE.

Paul WoodfordBut for other pieces of exclusive content, and to be the first to view content I’m uploading to my YouTube channel, I’d appreciate your subscription. CLICK HERE to subscribe.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you – as always – for your support and interaction. My YouTube channel achieved over 1 million minutes of watched content in 2016.

Original, quality content takes a huge amount of planning, writing, filming and producing, and I do Paul Woodfordthis for one reason: It gives me a thrill to think that something I can create, can give people all those minutes of enjoyment.

All those times I see a discussion breaking out on one of my films, or when people approach me when I’m filming a TV show to tell me they like enjoyed my latest film, or suggest a subject for a future feature. Those times are what makes this project worthwhile.

I use the term ‘project’, because I could never describe this as a ‘job’ – it’s something I do; it’s what I Paul Woodfordam. Ultimately, it’s a top drawer hobby, that is made all-the-more top drawer by being able to share it with my incredible subscribers, followers, fans, critics and friends. Whichever category you fall into, I take my hat off to you. (Even if you’re that person who always points out my sideburn continuity errors – yes, that person exists. But everyone needs holding to account for their facial hair, right?!)

Anyway. I highly doubt any other motoring presenter, blogger, petrolhead, car nerd (delete as appropriate) has as much fun as I do; reading your comments, answering your posts, Tweets and emails, and generally being part of your motoring circle.

There’s more to come, and by subscribing, you’ll be able to follow my adventure as I embark on my career as Race Circuit Manager at Cadwell Park.

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