GT Racing Adventure

This weekend I’m wearing a different hat; a new one at that.

I’m swapping Cadwell Park for Donington Park, standing in as Team Manager for car #89, the ProTechnika Motorsport Mercedes GTS driven by Anna Walewska and Tom Canning in the GT4 category.

This weekend is the final round of the 2018 British GT Championship, a series I’ve always loved to watch. So to be involved is a privilege.

Even better than that, the team is associated with the University of Bolton, and motorsport engineering students make up an integral part of our team headcount. Proper, hands-on, engaging learning. 

You can follow our progress on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts.

Wish us luck!

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NASCAR Presenter

Wow – I ticked a big box on my childhood bucket list this weekend at Brands Hatch, when I became a NASCAR presenter. As part of the circuit team for the Euro NASCAR series.
As always, the best part of this job – both as presenter and as Circuit Manager of MSV’s other circuit, Cadwell Park – is being able to interact with the amazing race fans. 

Being able to, in a small way, improve their experience is totally why I wanted to do this. 

Next stop: Daytona 500? Well, a boy can keep hold of his dreams, right?!

Apologies for the lack of updates on my blog recently, it’s a terrible excuse but I’m so busy right now so any free time I do have I like to spend with my beautiful family. 

You can keep up to date by following me on Twitter and Instagram though!

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NEW FILM – “Final Warning”

You’d be forgiven for thinking that I’ve suddenly become a Subaru Impreza fan. As it turns out, I’ve always called myself one of those, it’s only recently that I’ve been given a couple to drive, and this latest one is something very special indeed.

“Final Warning” features the Final Edition Impreza STI, and charts the transition from legend to legacy for Subaru’s ultimate performance car brand.

Check the film out here – and remember to give it a share for me on your social media if you like it, thank you!

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Company Race Car

One of the great things about being the Circuit Manager of a race track, is being surrounded by race machines day-in, day-out. But I’ve found something even better: Driving race cars.

Paul WoodfordWe took delivery of one of the Palmer Sport Clio Cup race cars, something I arranged with Assistant Manager Mick Brown and Jonathan Palmer as a way of spicing up the Track Ops Team driver training.

Needless to say, it went down very well. And you also probably didn’t need me to tell you that I couldn’t resist dusting off my helmet for some flat shift action.

Here’s the lap I did of Cadwell Park – apologies for the awful camera angle. If you know the track as well as my ten year old, you’ll be able to navigate your way round with the odd glimpse out of the side window or between the roll cage.

If not, just treat it as therapeutic music; kind of like a 1.6 turbo version of whale music.

Or something…

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“Rally Iconic” – my new film is here!

As a thank you to those of you who take the time to follow my motoring story on this blog, my new film “Rally Iconic” is now available to watch on this website, prior to going live on social media at 6pm this evening.

Paul WoodfordThis film marks a return to the format that so many of you have told me you have enjoyed, and with hundreds of thousands of views across my #CarFilms series on YouTube, it seems you are not alone. Thank you!

While it’s been a while since I last released one of these videos, I have been producing content for Cadwell Park Race Circuit, the place I call home during the week (and the weekends as it happens!), where I am the Circuit Manager. You can keep up to date with that content by subscribing to the circuit’s YouTube channel, HERE.

“Rally Iconic” is a story which in many ways has been a lifetime in the making. You see the Subaru rally story was a big inspiration to me as a young, influential rally fan, particularly Colin McRae’s WRC victory in 1995. As they say; the rest is history, and you could say the results since then speak for themselves.

Paul WoodfordI’ve been a rally fan, a rally engineer building and maintaining cars, a rally driver and then a rally TV presenter. And now, in my role at MotorsportVision, I get the opportunity to have an altogether very different perspective on the sport, from the event (and venue) management side of things.

I’m hugely proud, but also very grateful for the stories and experiences, but also the people who I’ve had the pleasure to meet thanks to rallying, so in a way making a film like this is my way of paying tribute to those stories, and those people.

But above all else, someone handed me the keys to a nicely spec’d clubman Impreza rally car on a quiet (and very muddy!) farmyard in Yorkshire for the day. So it would have been so, so rude of me not to do THIS…

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Car Films is back!

After a longer-than-intended interval, my ‘#CarFilms’ series continues, and it’s muddier and more fiery than ever, thanks to the time I spent with a muddy farmyard and a fire-breathing Subaru Impreza rally car recently.

Paul WoodfordAlmost five years ago to the day, I got my eldest son involved in shooting a car film with me – you may remember the day he banished my Peugeot 205 GTI from the garage? If not, remind yourself HERE.

This time, he quite literally got behind the wheel of the rally car I was shooting, and it was great to see how much his character, confidence and shared passion for cars had come on since that first film.

The film goes live HERE on Friday, 6pm. In the meantime, here’s a little teaser of what you can expect from ‘Rally Iconic’…

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My first year as Circuit Manager of Cadwell Park

2017: I have to start with an apology.

Any thoughts I had about being a prolific blogger now manifest themselves as clouds of guilt, which return every time I have five minutes to myself and could probably update my blog, but invariably find a more pressing cloud to attend to.

So it’s been a busy year, in other less poetic words. But WHAT a year. If you’ve been following my social media updates on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you’ll have lived the journey with me.

If not, here’s a spectacular, action-packed season of racing, rallying and people all crammed into a 2 and-a-half minute video edit.

Thanks for being on this journey with me. This is how my first year, as Circuit Manager of Cadwell Park Race Circuit looked…

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