Next Stop: Formula One…maybe!

OK, so the title may be somewhat misleading, but I was lucky enough to do some audience engagement work at the amazing Palmer Sport facility at Bedford Autodrome recently.

In case you don’t know, Palmer Sport was set up in the early 1990s by Formula One driver, commentator and MotorSport Vision Chief Executive Jonathan Palmer.

Known as the greatest driving experience on earth, you can actually strap yourself into a variety of sports, GT and single seater racing cars on a proper race circuit, and race against the clock.

Here’s my lap of the West Circuit at Bedford, driving one of the Palmer Sport Formula 3000 racing cars; a F1-inspired machine with full aero package and a screaming Cosworth V6 engine.

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Group B noise!

Group B is an era of rallying that feels like it’s in my blood, albeit I was only on planet earth for the very end of the era. 

Armed with one of the Metro 6R4s which took place in the 1980s Birmingham Superprix street race events, I called on the specialist skills of Special Stage Rally TV Producer Wayne Goldring with his MSA-approved drone, and filmed a lap of iconic Cadwell Park to promote our rally in November.

This was not about lap times, this was about noise, and stunning visuals, and showcasing one of the most evocative rally cars the world has ever seen.

Turn up the volume and enjoy!

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Audi R8 V8 Supercar Review

Following on from my Rover P6 classic car review which was released last week, I thought I’d continue my impromptu V8 #CarFilms series with the Audi R8.

Winter roads, 430bhp and 4.2 litres of Germany’s finest engineering, you could say I did my best to turn Audi’s debut mid-engined supercar into a rally car.

Famous (?) for being the car which Iron Man launched in the movie, and for being a Decepticon in the Transformer film franchise, the R8 somehow managed to capture the imagination of petrolheads despite lacking the exotica of the Lamborghini Gallardo, which shared a chassis with the R8.

Find out why it wasn’t such a bad thing that the Audi couldn’t compete on equal terms with its fellow supercars back in 2007.

Enjoy that V8 soundtrack…

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Motoring Films – Highlights so far

With new, original content coming soon, I thought it would be the ideal time to look back on some of the “quirkiest” bits of my #CarFilms series so far.

Here’s a look back at some of the moments which define a project which is all about the experience of motoring.

Thanks for your support, your subscriptions and your feedback – I have a passion for using my love for cars to entertain and inform, and thanks to you I feel like I’ve been able to do both over the years.

Here come the highlights…

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Cadwell Park Season Highlights

And so comes to an end another spectacular season at Cadwell Park, and one in which we stepped things up, creating new – and developing existing – events and audiences.

As you’ve learnt by now, I like to express my experiences through the medium of film, so without further a do, here’s what 2018 looked like, as Circuit Manager of the best race circuit on earth.

THIS, is Cadwell Park 2018…

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NEW FILM: A Very British Muscle Car

It’s been almost two years since I produced a classic car review for my #CarFilms YouTube channel, so it seemed like the right time to rectify the situation.

Cue: The iconic Rover P6 3500; a British classic with a thumping V8 engine.

An engine, in fact which went on to be one of the most famous eight cylinder motors motoring has ever seen. And with good reason.

Here’s my take on ‘a very British muscle car’…

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GT Racing Adventure

This weekend I’m wearing a different hat; a new one at that.

I’m swapping Cadwell Park for Donington Park, standing in as Team Manager for car #89, the ProTechnika Motorsport Mercedes GTS driven by Anna Walewska and Tom Canning in the GT4 category.

This weekend is the final round of the 2018 British GT Championship, a series I’ve always loved to watch. So to be involved is a privilege.

Even better than that, the team is associated with the University of Bolton, and motorsport engineering students make up an integral part of our team headcount. Proper, hands-on, engaging learning. 

You can follow our progress on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts.

Wish us luck!

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