Classics Driven launches series of Clan Crusader content and merchandise

Paul Woodford’s classic car channel, Classics Driven has launched a series of original pieces of graphic and video content, together with a range of t-shirt designs themed around the Clan Crusader.

The project aims to raise the profile of this little-known and underrated seventies low volume British sports car by telling the car’s stories to a modern media audience.

Paul said: “I’ve always been fascinated by the Clan Crusader. I appreciate a beautiful classic car like the next person, but for me to put heart and soul into owning and producing content for a car, it has to have a good story. The Clan Motor Company’s plight in the early seventies, together with the car’s famous rally victories is one of the most under-told stories in the motoring world.”

Enthusiasts of the Clan Crusader can now enjoy a series of video content, including a lap of Cadwell Park onboard a 1971 example, and an upcoming series of stories about the car’s giant killing motorsport exploits.

In addition, a set of three t-shirts are now available to order, featuring original designs that celebrate the Clan Crusader’s fascinating heritage.

The Clan Crusader is also on social media, so you can join the adventure on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

CLICK HERE for Clan Crusader content

CLICK HERE for Clan Crusader Merchandise

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