New classic car film released, featuring the Corolla AE86

It’s been almost two years since I filmed the original BMW M5 for this channel. I have of course filmed a couple of documentaries in that time, but I’m delighted to be able to share a new classic car feature with you.

The AE86 is a rally car I’ve always revered, since reading Motoring News as a kid and seeing countless Corollas sideways in the lanes or exploding out of a water splash on a night road rally.

Former Welsh Rally Champion, Alex Allingham entrusted his glorious 1986 example of this iconic Japanese performance car for this latest feature.

As well as the film itself, I have produced a comic strip video telling the story of a road race between a Corolla AE86 and a Mk1 Escort RS1600, the car said to have inspired the Corolla back in the early eighties.

I hope you can join me for the film, and that the comic strip raises a smile. The question is…what will I film next?



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