Video DID kill the radio star…ish

February 26th will mark my last radio show on East Yorkshire’s 99.8 KCFM, a commercial station on which I’ve presented shows for the past five years.

Paul WoodfordI’m incredibly proud of my radio career, which has spanned seven years and has seen me progress from Hull’s hospital radio station, Kingstown Radio, to Yorkshire Coast Radio and KCFM; two stations I listened to from a young age.

Radio for me was never my end game; not something I could see myself doing forever, or even as a main focus. But it was something I wanted to do, badly, from a young age, so I pursued my dream. You should ALWAYS follow your dreams, even if it means knPaul Woodfordocking on a good few doors along the way.

My new chapter, as Circuit Manager of Cadwell Park race track in Lincolnshire, means certain other things are changing in my life. While I’ll be sad not to be on air anymore, I take with me from KCFM – and the radio industry in general – some great memories, skills, friends and life stories.

And that’s what it’s all about! So for now, that’s it for my radio career; let’s say I’m ‘parking it’ (see what I did there?!) and I certainly wouldn’t rule out a return at some point.

Now, where did I put that little thank you video I made for my radio listeners…OH, here it is…

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