Latest #CarFilms feature // Mustang GT vs Focus RS

When the all-new generation of performance Fords were launched to a rapturous reception here in the UK, I was determined to get my hands on one…or both.

Paul WoodfordIt’s taken a while, but I’ve finally been able to bring you my story of the RS and Mustang. After decades of the odd glance at a car show, these two iconic brands are lined up side-by-side at showrooms in the UK, and what a pairing they make.

The Focus RS finally returns the ‘Rallyesport’ brand back to its roots, a market leading performance car with its roots on the rally stage.

Meanwhile, the Mustang gives UK petrolheads the perfect introduction to a motoring legend, and seems to capture the Hollywood glitz of Paul Woodfordarguably the world’s most glamorous getaway car.

I shot content for this film, while producing a mini TV-style feature for Evans Halshaw on their new Ford Store performance motoring concept.

This isn’t a drift-drag-off between the Focus and Mustang’s respective drive modes, it’s a glimpse at the heritage of the brand, the back story, and the experience of driving these two exciting cars.

This film has been a long time in the making; possibly from the moment I first laid eyes on an original Mustang when I was a young boy. So let’s call this a labour of love -enjoy!

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