[Enter stage left] – Skoda Kodiaq

It’s not often a car manufacturer launches a completely new model; in concept, format and target audience, but that’s exactly what Skoda has done with their all-new Kodiaq SUV, and I was there for the UK launch with DM Keith.

Paul WoodfordOne of the best things about the work I do with motoring brands and companies, is mixing with people who are passionate about cars. And that is the only way to describe the eclectic bunch of people I found myself sharing a brightly-lit car dealership in Hull with last week.

Skoda has, for the last few years been introducing new models to its range, to allow it to compete on a level playing field with its competitors, across the board. But one area yet to be explored was the SUV market.

The anticipation in the air as I joined Skoda dealer, DM Keith for the first of their unveilings of this exciting new car was tangible, and it was a total delight to be there to experience this unique occasion, and to produce a film for the innovative ‘Moving Mag’ series I’m working on with the marketing team at DM Keith.

I’m confident the Kodiaq will do the business for Skoda. And moreover, I’m sure that it will ensure a wide range of new additions to the DM Keith family.

These car dealer projects are not purely promotional – I work on projects I want to work on, and have retained a large degree of flexibility in my motoring work to allow me to add my own angle to a film, and show you the things that excite me; the way I see them.

[Enter stage left] – Skoda Kodiaq…

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