Motoring products you’ll love (or need!)

If like me motoring is your life, you’ll no doubt be an avid consumer of motoring products and accessories as well as cars and consumables. In fact, even if you’re not a petrolhead, there are tonnes of ‘must have’ gadgets and accessories that could enhance your day-to-day motoring experience.

Ring AutomotiveThat’s why I’m going to be bringing you a series of product reviews. I’ve already got some exciting stuff lined up, from things you probably knew existed but never got round to thinking about, to things you never knew existed but once you do, you won’t be able to live without!

First up is a brand that, even if you don’t recognise, you’ll use in a number of ways on a daily basis. Ring Automotive manufactures a wide variety of vehicle lighting and electronic accessories, from consumables we use every day like headlight bulbs, to gadgets we could do to have in the boot for emergencies, such as compact jump start packs.

Austin Healey Arkley SSA well-established brand in motoring, Ring even has a presence in motorsport, including Formula One. So as you can imagine, I’m excited to be working with them to review some products for you, and help you decide what to put in those all-important breakdown kits in the boot. (What do you mean you haven’t got one?!)

It just so happens, I’ve got my hands on a 1960s Austin Healey Sprite Arkley SS, the perfect opportunity  to try out a few electronic gadgets. The things I do for motoring, eh?

Keep your eye out here for the latest motoring product reviews, and in the meantime, I’ll see you on Twitter!


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