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As one of the world’s leading rally television programme makers, Special Stage is constantly leading the way in providing fans with an insight into the high octane, adrenaline-filled world of UK rallying.

Paul WoodfordWhile we were filming for the last round of the BTRDA Rally Championship, we wondered what we could do to really give people a feel for the sport, and more importantly show that being involved with rally is not all about big budget rally cars.

Rallying – and motorsport in general – is accessible at a number of levels, and without an army of volunteer and paid supporters, even a single venue airfield event would stand no chance of getting off the ground.

Events and Championships are crying out for people to get involved as marshalls, organisers, support staff, medical crews and other important jobs, so we thought we’d use some airtime on TV to showcase a selection of the jobs being done by the people behind rallying.

Here’s when I stopped for a moment to reflect on the unsung heroes of rally…

Keep your eye on the TV shows section of my site for the online catch up of the latest Special Stage TV show; the Malcolm Wilson Rally, Round 2 of the BTRDA Rally Championship.

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