Get your hands on a Business Car(d)

If a traditional business card is defined as a vehicle to communicate key details, then Paul asks why can’t you use an actual vehicle to communicate those details?

Here was born the concept of the ‘Business Car(d)’, an original idea that has proved to be a popular way to get the message out. Paul Woodford

With everything from a Subaru Impreza to a Jaguar XJ220 sporting Paul’s website and Twitter links, and new models being introduced to the collection all the time, here’s how you could get your hands on a Paul Woodford Business Car(d)*…

1) Write a review of one of Paul’s TV Shows or Motoring Videos and submit it to this website (link below)

2) Tweet an inventive photo to Paul, being sure to include Paul’s website address or Twitter link in the picture

3) Hire Paul for your event, show or project (if you do this, you might even get the chance to choose your model!)

Want your very own innovative business cards creating? Paul will be happy to help with ideas and production. Get in touch.

*Sent at our discretion, while stocks last

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