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One of the great things about being the Circuit Manager of a race track, is being surrounded by race machines day-in, day-out. But I’ve found something even better: Driving race cars.

Paul WoodfordWe took delivery of one of the Palmer Sport Clio Cup race cars, something I arranged with Assistant Manager Mick Brown and Jonathan Palmer as a way of spicing up the Track Ops Team driver training.

Needless to say, it went down very well. And you also probably didn’t need me to tell you that I couldn’t resist dusting off my helmet for some flat shift action.

Here’s the lap I did of Cadwell Park – apologies for the awful camera angle. If you know the track as well as my ten year old, you’ll be able to navigate your way round with the odd glimpse out of the side window or between the roll cage.

If not, just treat it as therapeutic music; kind of like a 1.6 turbo version of whale music.

Or something…

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