Time for Tarmac – MSN Rally Championship

With the disappointing news that the MSA Asphalt Rally Championship will take a sabbatical in 2017, now is the time to discover the newest kid on the rally block – the Motorsport News Circuit Rally Championship.

Paul WoodfordI hosted the TV show for the MSA Asphalt series for a number of years, so I know first hand how passionate and hard working the organising team is, and I look forward to seeing what they can pull together ready for the relaunch in 2018.

Now, though there is another tarmac championship we need to get behind, and it’s the perfect place to come out and play cars in 2017 if you have a tarmac rally warrior in the garage looking nervous about the potential of a year without any tyre smoke. And it just so happens I host this TV series, too!

The Bolton-Le-Moors Car Club is behind the Championship, and its members spend just about every waking hour on a mission to turn the UK’s leading motor racing venues into varied, credible and challenging rally complexes.

What’s great about the Motorsport News Series, is that it allows us to go tarmac rallying through Paul Woodfordthe winter, when rallying is normally fading from people’s memories. What’s also great, is that the events take place in a safe, family-friendly environment; great for entertaining sponsors, and for introducing new people into the sport.

Motorsport Vision, as a supporting partner of the series, has really got behind the concept, taking a flexible approach to their excellent facilities to ensure a great experience. Likewise the other circuits we visit, for example Rockingham – the extraordinary facility built to accommodate fire-breathing NASCAR machines.

Paul WoodfordAt a time when rallying in general is struggling with the PR and safety issues, race circuits provide an infrastructure designed to accommodate large numbers of spectators, safely and as close to the action as you could hope to get.

Oh, just one more great thing. You can also take a wander round the service area, through the pitlane; chat to drivers, get up close and take photos of some of the world’s best rally machines, and many of the events have additional attractions to keep kids of all ages entertained.

You can view the full calendar HERE, and if you come and find me with the TV Crew, I may even be able to lay my hands on some rally goodies for you and the family – challenge me!

I really, genuinely do hope to see you on the stages. In the meantime, here’s something to put you in the picture…

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