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Regular visitors to my motoring blog will know that I’m passionate about local motoring. It’s a passion that has led me to host local motoring events, produce films locally, and write a series of columns for a local lifestyle magazine on the subject.

Car Dealer MediaMy latest project has been to establish a new style of motoring content for car dealers, and so far my work with Infiniti Retail Group, Trenton Motors and DM Keith has given me a good feel for how car dealers – and their customers – work.

Traditionally, car dealers have done their engaging on the tiled floor of the showroom, so to create a truly linked-up experience online – in the ‘new dealership’ – is an ongoing challenge. It’s not so much that the car dealer model has been slow to change; indeed more of a reflection on how fast our consumer habits have moved on.
Speaking to Vauxhall Motors Chairman and Managing Director, Rory Harvey at the recent Evans Halshaw Vauxhall dealership launch, it’s clear that motor manufacturers are now aware of this power, and knowledge held by the consumer.

With access to seemingly never-ending information before we even consider setting foot in the physical dealership, it’s not only car enthusiasts who know their spec lists and market valuations when they arrive to talk to a salesman.

Despite this, the need for real people behind, and in front of any motoring brand is greater than ever. And that is the focus of my latest film, produced in partnership with Wayne Goldring, a rally TV producer I’ve worked with for a number of years.

Our vision was to bring a new approach to car dealer launch video content; taking what we know about producing engaging television; making the people – and the car – the stars of the show.

After all, why not start talking to motorists long before they’re looking to buy a car. People are passionate about their cars, and for the most part, car dealers are missing out on the opportunity to leverage this passion. For now, at least, Evans Halshaw is ahead of this curve.

READ more about my work at the launch of Evans Halshaw Vauxhall, Leeds.

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