Connecting people to cars

No, I’m not talking about Bluetooth or automated driver entertainment systems.

Paul WoodfordI’m talking about my big vision; the reason I do all this stuff I do.

I’m a petrolhead, there’s no denying it. But some of the best conversations I’ve had about cars have been with people who would not in a million years refer to themselves in such a ‘vulgar’ way.

For me, creating motoring content is not just something I do to (hopefully!) entertain fellow petrolheads. That’s why you won’t see me producing straight car reviews.

What I want to do is engage with everyone, using the story of cars. And it’s a vision I share with leading independent motor dealer group, D.M. Keith.

You may have read my recent column in LOCO Magazine, in which I set out my thoughts on how car dealers should engage with people beyond simply the process of buying a car.

I’m currently working on a pilot social media series with D.M. Keith which centres around their dealership, their cars, but most importantly their people.

You can watch a trailer for the upcoming series, which I’m filming and producing entirely on iPhone and iPad, below.

I hope you’re joining me on a long, and very exciting journey in reading this, because I’ve got a lot of ideas for how to make this work.

As ever, thanks for your support!

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