On track to support disabled motorsport

If you’re as passionate about motorsport, and motoring in general as I am, you’ll no doubt be interested in what the guys over at Spinal Track are doing.

Paul WoodfordThey’re ensuring that a motorsport experience exists for as many people as possible, even those for whom daily life may be more a struggle than for most, owing to physical injuries or disabilities.

You’ll surely have heard of Nathalie McGloin, who following an accident has a complete spinal injury. Despite this, armed with her trusty hand controls, she races a Porsche Cayman S in the Porsche Club Championship.

Nathalie is not only an inspiration to both disabled and able bodied petrolheads everywhere, she is also a visible presence in British motorsport, and as such a superb ambassador for lady competitors. (And no-one would argue the balance still needs addressing there!)

Nathalie is joined by race and rally driver Andrew Bayliss in running the charity, which aims to provide a track driving experience to as many physically disabled people as possible. But of course, like any charity, Spinal Track does need our help to do its great work. Unlike a lot of charities though, you’ll actually get something back in honour of your support.

While I wouldn’t advocate giving to a charitable cause simply to get something in return, receiving a Spinal Track sock monkey does allow me to display my support with pride, and hopefully inspire some of you to also support the project.

To find out more about Spinal Track, and the ways in which you can support their work, visit the website, HERE. Do check out the site, or follow them on Twitter @spinal_track and be inspired.

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