Drive Tribe channel update

If you’re a regular here on my motoring blog, you’ll no doubt be aware that I have been selected to line up alongside Clarkson, Hammond and May for their new ‘Drive Tribe’ concept. I have an update…ish.

Paul WoodfordThe channel will launch in October, following the release of the new Grand Tour series, which I think it’s fair to say is quite eagerly awaited by petrol heads all over the world.

I can’t give you much more detail right now, but there is an unofficial Twitter account for my upcoming new channel, HERE, and I can tell you it will be as interactive as possible. My aim is to create content that makes people – all people – engage with, and talk about cars.

I hope the launch of Drive Tribe, and my role as a channel leader will give me a further platform to do just that. As always, thanks for all your support – as long as you keep enjoying my films, blogs and vlogs, I’ll keep them coming.


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