Lining up with Clarkson, Hammond and May

The excitement is starting to build for the Grand Tour, which is the new home for the ‘Top Gear’ threesome, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

Paul WoodfordWe won’t have to wait long to see what antics they can get up to with a proper budget and creative freedom. I’m also excited for another reason.

You might have heard about their online motoring channel, which the three presenters have announced will run alongside the Grand Tour, providing a one-stop-shop for motoring media online. It’s called Drive Tribes.

Well, Clarkson Hammond and May (tried abbreviating them; didn’t look right) recently launched a talent search to find ‘Tribe Leaders’, who could creatively build and maintain a channel, and budding Hammond lookalikes (?) were invited to pitch their ideas for a channel, together with examples to prove they have what it takes.

Tonight, I got a very exciting email, letting me know that I’ve been selected as a ‘Tribe’ Leader.
There isn’t a lot of information at the moment, but if you want to read more, check out

I have to say though, I will be sad to hang up my leather jacket and park up the Series One Landrover if this means I have to stop my Richard Hammond tribute show.

Remember… #DreamBig.

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