Formula Student Live TV Wrap

Four days of eight hour live online TV broadcasts, with no content produced beforehand, and a team which assembles for the first time the night before go-live. As challenges go, this was a big one.

Paul WoodfordFormula Student is an international showcase for engineering talent, the likes of which will likely drive the future of the motoring, motorsport, aerospace and countless other industries. And thanks to an ambitious vision conceived by technical partner GKN Plc, and High Viz Media, the showcase was about to get a new, bigger, shinier stage.

My live TV experience, including historic motor racing grid walks for live online features, and the UK round of the World Rally Championship prepared me well for teaming up with one of the most exciting female presenters in the world of motorsport, Alexandra Legouix. Alex’s experience presenting live coverage of the World Touring Car Championship meant we could both hit the ground running, so to speak.

Thanks to a hugely talented TV crew, headed up by Nick Collier from High Viz, and an incredibly passionate team on-hand from GKN, we did exactly that, and one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced as a presenter, resulted in one of the biggest successes I’ve enjoyed so far in my career.

Paul WoodfordFormula Student itself is a stunning spectacle of motorsport, engineering, and sportsmanship, and among the teams to have traveled from places as far as Sri Lanka, India and Australia, I was delighted to see my own home university team represented; Hull University fielding a car.

With over 150 teams, spanning more than 30 countries, and attendance from motoring heavyweights, including Head of Scuderia Ferrari F1 R&D, Nick Collett and Autocar Editor in Chief, Steve Cropley, together with some of the top execs from GKN, Formula Student 2016 felt like a big deal.

We had tens of thousands of viewers join us over the four day event, with thousands of hours of content watched, enough Twitter action to sink a large (and brilliant) ship, and one of the most heart felt farewell wraps I have ever experienced as part of a TV crew. To the viewers, and to everyone who helped make the live TV stream what it became; thank you.

I’ll leave you with my gallery of the event, my video blog with the Hull University Formula Student Team, and the live TV streams, which remain on YouTube for you to relive all the action from Formula Student 2016.

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