Rally TV breakdown

It’s not often you breakdown, hours from home and get picked up by a fan of your rally TV show, but that’s exactly what happened tonight. And it gets better.

Paul WoodfordAfter filming up in Scotland for the last couple of days, I was today driving back when the car I was driving started misfiring. I was around two and-a-half hours from home, and it had already been a long day. Sigh.

From there though, things started to get better. For a start, I’d been told I’d have to wait over an hour for recovery, but the truck turned up in 20 minutes, then it turned out the driver was a rally fan and watches Special Stage. So the conversation back to the garage would at least be rally-orientated.

On arriving at the garage, I discovered that the recovery company was owned by none other than former Toyota and Vauxhall works rally driver, Fred Henderson. The rally talk continued.

Paul WoodfordIt’s funny how, sometimes a tricky situation can be turned around, and all in the name of #RallyTV. Oh, and for the record; I’d still pick a tow truck over a train.

For the latest Special Stage rally programmes, on demand and in full HD, check out our YouTube channel, HERE.

See you on the stages…when I’ve fixed the car.


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