Back to my roots in a classic Ford

I haven’t often in my life been far from a classic Ford of some kind. Whether it was tinkering with Mk1 Escorts with my Dad after school, or competing on the race track or rally stage in a variety of classics, from Cortinas to XR2s.

Paul WoodfordSo you could say that, for my latest film I’ve gone back to my roots. But my feelings about both the classic car scene, and filming cars go beyond just the car, as beautiful as it is.

I turned up to a secret location, armed with my crew (my iPad) where the car is locked up under tight security and hidden in a myriad of buildings and roads. It reminded me of Airwolf, with the helicopter kept in a secret lair in the mountains.

It was the people I spent the day with though, who really reminded me (as if I needed a reminder, but still!) what I love about the classic Ford scene, and classic cars in general. Mike and his son Harry joined me for the shoot, and while Mike was happy to hand over the keys and leave me to it, I invited them to join me and see how I bring the production together.

Paul WoodfordI’m pleased I did – they were two of the nicest, most genuine petrolheads I’ve met since getting involved in this scene decades ago. They were happy just to spend time together, enjoying their shared hobby and talking cars.

I’ve stayed away from filming a Mk2 Escort, because with the cars being so close to my heart, and such a dedicated following for them across the world, I knew it had to be absolutely right. But now I’ve done it; I had a lot of fun filming this stunning car, and now I want you to have fun watching it.

I’ve now got my eye on the next project, and I’ve got loads of great ideas bouncing around in my head, so I’ll try and pin a couple down and share them with you.


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