Lock up your classics!

As a classic car enthusiast, owner, driver, reviewer, talker (etc. etc.) I have been watching with pleasure the appeal of classic motoring widen, and the values shoot up over the last ten years or so.

Turning up in a 20 year old Ford Fiesta garners a bit more respect now than it did when I had one as a first car, I can tell you! But I’ve also noticed with alarm, the corresponding rate of classic vehicle thefts.

Paul Woodford

Paul Woodford

As a victim of classic car crime in the past (the car itself was well-secured, but everything un-boltable was unbolted), and having suffered at the hands of a ‘specialist’ insurer who was less than specialist in customer service terms when the worst happened, I know all too painfully how distressing it can be.

Frankly, I’m fed up of sharing Facebook posts and Tweets about Mk1 Escorts and Minis that have been stolen. It’s not that I mind sharing them – I wish I could do more – it’s just that I resent their existence in the first place.

I won’t go as far as to say that motoring enthusiasts are a nuisance to politicians and police forces, but I think it’s a fair assumption that hunting down our pride and joys is not a top priority for the people who decide where to spend public money.

So we need to take action into our own hands, and by that I mean taking steps to ensure classic cars are as difficult to steal as possible.

Here’s an article that, if you can look past the terms dashing Ferrari, rakish Jaguar and humble Ford Escort I think is worth a read if you’re as concerned about this as me.

Enjoy…if that’s the right word.

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