It’s Group B Jim, but not as we know it…

In 1984, a rather unusual Group B rally car won the African Rally Championship.

But this was no ‘ordinary’ Group B car; not along the usual lines of the monstrous rally supercars we’d seen tearing up the world’s special stages anyway.

In a classic tale of marketing-meets-motorsport, Peugeot wanted to push their rugged 504 pick-up to the African market, so they went really, REALLY rugged.

The 504 pick-up might stand out like a sore thumb on the French company’s list of homologated rally cars, but it was built for a job; and do the job it did.

A country mile (or two) behind the Group B supercars like Peugeot’s 205 T16, Allan Weston’s fascinating creation is head and shoulders above most things it now parks next to.

We were privileged to see this intriguing machine in action at our big Cadwell Park rally finale this year, as part of an eclectic mix of iconic demo rally cars.

What a sight, sound, and story.

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