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I’ve got some exciting content in the pipeline for my motoring channel, and of course I’ll share the car films with you on my website, HERE.

Paul WoodfordBut for other pieces of exclusive content, and to be the first to view content I’m uploading to my YouTube channel, I’d appreciate your subscription. CLICK HERE to subscribe.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you – as always – for your support and interaction. My YouTube channel achieved over 1 million minutes of watched content in 2016.

Original, quality content takes a huge amount of planning, writing, filming and producing, and I do Paul Woodfordthis for one reason: It gives me a thrill to think that something I can create, can give people all those minutes of enjoyment.

All those times I see a discussion breaking out on one of my films, or when people approach me when I’m filming a TV show to tell me they like enjoyed my latest film, or suggest a subject for a future feature. Those times are what makes this project worthwhile.

I use the term ‘project’, because I could never describe this as a ‘job’ – it’s something I do; it’s what I Paul Woodfordam. Ultimately, it’s a top drawer hobby, that is made all-the-more top drawer by being able to share it with my incredible subscribers, followers, fans, critics and friends. Whichever category you fall into, I take my hat off to you. (Even if you’re that person who always points out my sideburn continuity errors – yes, that person exists. But everyone needs holding to account for their facial hair, right?!)

Anyway. I highly doubt any other motoring presenter, blogger, petrolhead, car nerd (delete as appropriate) has as much fun as I do; reading your comments, answering your posts, Tweets and emails, and generally being part of your motoring circle.

There’s more to come, and by subscribing, you’ll be able to follow my adventure as I embark on my career as Race Circuit Manager at Cadwell Park.

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