Racing with the pros

It’s not often I get chance to compete myself these days, whether that be hillclimbing, rallying or go karting.

Paul WoodfordBut that all changed when I was invited to the launch of a new annual championship by Bentley racing driver, Guy Smith.

Guy was joined by his Bentley Factory team mate Steven Kane, and they lined up alongside a host of professional, and semi-professional drivers from across the world of motor racing and rallying.

These included Jonny Milner, Steve Perez, and Abbie Eaton. Then there was me!

Paul WoodfordI was there to race, and in fact I was part of Pete Smith’s ‘Rally Boys’ team, comprising people who I normally interview at the end of a special stage, not race against.

The race coincided with the launch of Greenlight Sports and Entertainment, a new commercial sports partnership business with the aim of creating sponsorship partnerships at all levels of sport. In fact they’ve got quite a track record for such a young company – check out their new website HERE.

Paul WoodfordAfter an intense 100 minutes of racing at the superb PF International Kart Circuit in Lincolnshire, our team came home a narrow fourth, having battled with Steve Perez’ Amigos Team throughout the afternoon.

You’ll be able to see what it was all about very soon, as Imagen Photography were there on the day to shoot a film about the race, and of course I did my bit; singing for my dinner, so to speak.

It’s always great to be involved in new projects, and from what I saw and heard on the day, it sounds like we’re going to see big things coming from Greenlight.

One thing’s for certain; racing on track with works race and rally drivers is not an experience that I’ll forget in a hurry.

I’ll update you when the film comes out. Meanwhile, I’ll continue my recovery (I forgot how physical competitive kart racing is!).

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