Loco Magazine: Get out and drive

Paul WoodfordIt dawns on me around every 1 and a half days, that the roads are now all but completely devoid of anything interesting.

I even got excited when a rusty two-tone Austin Maestro pulled up on the next pump a couple of weeks ago.

Paul WoodfordSo my latest motoring column in lifestyle mag, LOCO is all about getting out and driving. I’m lucky that I get to spend a lot of time driving incredible roads on the way to filming locations for race and rally TV shows, and I’ve also been lucky enough to drive some iconic cars on them.

But you don’t need epic, awesome or even remotely great roads and cars to enjoy driving. If you haven’t ever taken the long way home, or chased the sunset when it felt right to do so, then you haven’t yet experienced motoring nirvana. And it’s true; you might never do so.

But, I hope my article inspires you to get out and drive. Or at the very least, I hope it discourages any dark thoughts you may have had about buying a Toyota Picnic: Not cool.


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