Time to “Fire up the Quattro”

I promise that quote didn’t make it into the script for my new film, but I feel better for using it in the title for my blog.

Paul WoodfordAs you may have by now gathered (you certainly will if you follow me on Twitter), I have spent some time this week with an Audi UR Quattro, just like the one DCI Gene Hunt “fired up” in the hit BBC TV series, Ashes to Ashes.

Aside from the car’s more recently found fame, The Quattro has for almost 40 years been the star of its own show. Needless to say my new film features a healthy mix of road, and rally car action, thanks to the Special Stage TV Producer.

I’m delighted with the interest in the film already, and the reaction I’ve received to the advance previews I sent out (including Audi, whose PR Team got in touch asking to see the film!). You don’t have long to wait, but I hope this trailer gives you a taste of what you can expect…

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