Meet the “film crew”

I do quite often get asked advice on camera and sound equipment to make video blogs and short films. Along with questions about software and file storage. I thought it was about time to let you in a couple of little secrets. 

Paul WoodfordI produce my films and vlog content entirely on iOS equipment. Specifically, I use an iPhone and an iPad, with an app for the post production and editing.

Oh, then there’s the support crew; a combination of window sucker mount, iPhone tripod, iPad tripod (that I actually made myself – couldn’t find a decent one!) and wired microphone. They owe me the grand total of £12 between them, actually. So, that’s the budget spent.


Paul WoodfordWell spotted. From time to time, I need someone I trust to drive the cars for me while I shoot. This is a super important job; it requires someone with good driving skills, but above all, sound judgement. It is crucial that I produce my films safely, with maximum respect for road traffic laws.
Therefore, the person behind the wheel of the cars I shoot has to be both capable of doing what I need production-wise, but with more than one eye on safety and the rules of the road.

I occasionally use the owner of a car (again I only use those people I trust to do the job properly), but most of all I use one of the most important people in my life; my inspiration for rallying, and cars in general – my Dad.


Paul WoodfordBecause you know what; there’s more to this than just producing films. When I set out doing this a few years ago, I wanted to make films that people enjoyed watching, using the least possible equipment, software and support. That way, I was staying true to my original objective, [Mission Top Gear]. After all, when I get that all important call from a BBC Producer, I can say:

“Here’s what I shoot on my phone. Want to see what I could do with a proper budget?”

And that brings me on to the last, and without doubt most important tool I have; dreams. You’ve got to believe it ‘could’ happen, right?

Thanks for all the support, I appreciate it like you wouldn’t believe.


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