Take rally safety seriously

It turns out producing rally TV is not just entertainment. We’re using our influence at Special Stage to support the changes taking place to secure the future of the sport. Here’s why…

Motor Sports Associatio (MSA)A lot of work is being done by UK motor sport’s governing body, the Motor Sports Association (MSA) to respond to calls for improved safety measures for competitors and spectators in stage rallying. It’s likely that unless we all get behind these changes, rallying could look very different in a few years.

On the face of it, the changes we’re seeing are to improve safety on events. Ultimately though, this goes further; it’s a campaign to protect the future of the sport, and it needs us all to get behind it.

The work being done by the MSA, together with organisers of rallies and championships across the UK goes beyond putting new rules in place; what’s required is a cultural shift, and in a terrifyingly short space of time. We simply can’t afford to get this wrong.

So how do we think, as a bunch of rally fans and competitors who produce a TV show, that we can support the change? By helping the MSA to win hearts and minds – and we brought along some of our friends, too…

You can help by sharing – let’s get the message out on social media, forums and at events. Thanks for your support!

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