Getting to know the Toyota GT86

Paul Woodford PresenterOne of the best things that can come from a car review is finding a new car to add to your fantasy garage. And spending some time with the Toyota GT86 put it firmly in mine.

I drive a lot of sports cars; some are overrated, some are underrated, some are just awesome in the extreme, but very few offer back to basics motoring fun in the same way that an MG Midget, or a Lotus Elan does.

Quite honestly, I wasn’t expecting to be as blown away by the GT86 as I was. Frankly, it’s an astonishing car, inspiring confidence and offering reward for the simple things in life. Like putting your right foot on the carpet.

The full film will be released soon, but in the meantime, I’ve released a trailer which gives you an idea of just how much of an enigma this car is.

Thanks for all your support, views, comments and feedback on my motoring films – I really do enjoy making them for you, and to know they stir a reaction – positive or negative – means I’m getting another person talking about cars. That, in my world, is a result.


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