Special Stage goes LIVE

At Special Stage, we are currently trialling a live broadcast service, which is hosted at http://www.livestream.com, and we thought we’d open up our trial to the rally world.

I’m really proud of the work the whole team is doing, it really feels like we are leading what’s happening in rally television production, and the appreciation for us doing our test in public was clear to see at the Plains Rally, the latest round of the 2015 BTRDA Rally Championship.

At the moment, we are restricted by where we can get signal, which is why this broadcast was based in the service area, or specifically at the time control on entrance to service. But being able to make live content away from the stages is just as important, and in theory much harder to make watchable.

You can view what we’re doing on our live stream account, but we’ve put one of the broadcasts on Youtube for you to see what we did. Remember – this is only the start, the possibilities are endless, and very exciting!

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