However, if you do prefer your cylinders plentiful…

I hope you enjoyed my review of the new Skoda Fabia TSI (below). If a spruced up Volkswagen Polo isn’t your thing however, you could try a McLaren out for size, or enjoy some drifts in a Group B Metro 6R4, or even sample the majesty of a Bentley Flying Spur – they’re all the rage in Chinese Diplomat circles, trust me!Paul Woodford

Whatever type of car you’re into, there are loads of review films for you to choose from on my site – why not just spend a few minutes having a browse…if your favourite car isn’t there, drop me a line and let me know and I’ll do my best to rig one up with cameras and take it for a spin. Just for you!

It’s been a heck of a ride so far guys; some of the best cars, and roads ever put together, and it’s all on film. And there’s more to come – watch this space, and thank you – genuinely – for all the support I’ve had so far on this amazing journey!

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