Filming car reviews…for the radio!

Yep, this one’s new on me too – it turns out the radio station I present shows for, KCFM is dipping its toe in the water in the world of motoring journalism. A number of car dealers in East Yorkshire have air time to promote their ranges, and so I was drafted in to trial car review films for one of them.

Paul Woodford TV MotoringSo this weekend saw me getting together with Andy Langford, the tech whizz at Lincs FM Group to pick up the brand new Skoda Fabia to put it through its paces. Andy’s a top bloke, and a passionate all-round photography / film genius, so I was looking forward to teaming up.

Contrary to what I’ve seen other non-motoring outlets do when they try their hand at motoring stuff, I was determined to show that, as a presenter for the Lincs Group, Andy and I could put forward a more professional, robust style of car review film. A credible, polished piece of content for car brands and dealers who want to step up a gear with their marketing activity.

For me there are two types of car reviews that people want to watch; tyre smoking Chris Harris / Top Gear style vids, or films that tell a story. And as DM Keith were handing over their first brand new model Fabia to us, I figured they’d want it back with enough tread on the tyres to satisfy the waiting list of people wanting to get behind the wheel. Plus, I’m honestly not sure how entertaining a 1.2 TSI Fabia would be in full drift-mode. So a story it was…

Paul Woodford Car ReviewDon’t get me wrong, this style of film still has to be informative enough to be useful if needed, and has to be honest and objective enough to stand up as a genuine piece of motoring journalism, not just a promo. But above all, to add value it has to be entertaining; a nice mix of history, funny scripting and filmography can turn a simple car review into a piece of engaging content that will result in more exposure. (Of course, this all depends on the quality of said filmography, not to mention the presenter…I’ll leave you to make up your mind on those two when the film arrives, but from what I’ve seen of Andy’s work on the edit so far, I’m looking forward to sharing it with you when it’s finished.)

The work I’ve done with Infiniti Hull, and also Maple Garage (see the reviews here) has shown me that car dealers can be a great source of inspiration for motoring content, and having spoken to a number of car dealers across the UK I’m convinced that this is a concept that has legs…or wheels. I also think there must be further use for motoring films, from high-end car sales to short films; moving away from the review style completely. Peugeot has got the right idea with the new 208 GTI adverts; what’s not to like about classic hot hatches, big snow drifts and helicopter gunships?

So, does anyone have the budget for a series of car chase short films? Excellent…let’s talk!


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