A victory for common sense (and motorsport!)

If you’re involved in motorsport in any way, you’ll be aware of how big an industry it is, particularly in the UK where we have some of the world’s leading innovators hailing from a variety of race and rally backgrounds.

You know those hybrid cars some of you drive that link seamlessly between power sources, or the energy recovery boost systems that are finding their way into mainstream motor cars nowadays? Well you can, in a very large part thank the motorsport industry for those, and countless other improvements and technologies that many of us take for granted.Paul Woodford

Unfortunately, you may also be aware of a growing number of cases where the UK motorsport industry has been threatened by people who have moved into property near a race track or rally stage, only to complain about the noise.

These complaints have often resulted in curfews, bans and other restrictions on some of the country’s leading motorsport venues.

This, at best has made it very difficult for them to continue as a business, and at worst resulted in the loss of activity altogether; affecting jobs, innovation and an industry that we should all be proud of – motorsport fan or not.

Finally though, the British government has realised how ridiculous this situation is, and before someone realises a precedent has been set, moves in next to Heathrow and the courts are forced to give British Airways an ASBO, and has made the first move in putting a stop to this wilful destruction of industry, and fun.

The Government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has released an e-petition designed to protect the UK motorsport industry from these jackals, who tear at the flesh of the soft underbelly of our fair sport (guess the petrolhead film quote!). 

And that’s where you, and I come in. We need to get involved and put our name to this and show the move some support.

You can read more about the e-petition on the Britcar website, and you can / should / will [delete as appropriate] sign the petition here.

Together with the move to allow more road closures for motorsport, this is a sign that finally motor racing and rallying are receiving just a little bit of the respect and appreciation they deserve. For this, we should all be thankful. The fight isn’t over yet, but clearly this is a victory for common sense, and for UK motorsport.   


(P.S. If you’re into gardening and found my website by mistake, please sign the petition anyway – thanks for your support!)

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