Waking the beast

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to resurrect a Formula One car that’s been hibernating for 12 years? No, me neither, but it’s certainly the sort of thing that’ll stir your imagination if you’re an F1 fan like me.

Rock Motorsport were apparently the team tasked with giving Damon Hill’s (almost) 1997 Hungarian Grand Prix-winning Arrows the kiss of life. Watch in this video as the team hop around the car like excited teenagers, waiting to hear the noise a Formula One car makes when it’s awoken from a deep sleep.

We’re used to hearing F1 engines bark into life, or chirp I suppose if we’re talking about the current crop. But this one sort of splutters, coughs and yawns into a rage as the starter rips at its internals. Before long it does make the sort of noise you’d expect, but not without a lot of fuss, and also a lot of smoke.

Just as you’d expect a Yamaha grand piano to have kept its magic after 12 years, the Yamaha V10 in Damon Hill’s Arrows racer captures the imagination just as it did back in 1997 when the Brit did the unspeakable and dragged the car to the podium.

Like that old Piano though, the engine might just need a bit of a tune-up – it’s not meant to sound like a Triumph Dolomite when it’s cranked, right?

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