The end of the PetrolHead?

The end of the petrol head?

I saw a story this week about Google getting a driving licence in Nevada…for a driverless car. Gulp. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m all for innovation in motoring. But the kind of innovation that makes me smile is a 600+bhp McLaren supercar that is as driveable as a Ford Fiesta, not the kind that removes controls from cars.

I would imagine Google have invested an awful lot of money in their latest project car. Probably more money than has ever been invested in UK railways, which is ironic because the idea of a driverless car isn’t a million miles away from reality;

Who’s been to a theme park recently – hands up…Ok, so you’ll be familiar with the world’s first commercialised driverless cars. They’re quite long, hold lots of people and run on tracks 15ft up in the air. BUT, they’re doing the same thing as Google’s driverless car – they’re ferrying people around to their chosen destination without anyone having to drive, and are relatively risk – and fun – free.

If Google really are set on creating safe and fun-free transport for people who don’t like driving, then surely their money would be better spent on improving the world’s railways, or on teleportation technology.

Google have been quick to point out that during the testing phase over 700,000 miles have been completed in driverless cars, with a ‘trained’ driver on board ready to take control should the software fail. Now a trained driver who spent that many miles as a passenger when he could have quite easily taken control is, well not a driver at all.

Ok, I know this looks like I’m moaning, so I’ll say one more thing, then be done with it…

Why, WHY did Google start with a Toyota Prius when money was no object – don’t they know that Infiniti have built an electric supercar?




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