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Car dealers, brands and events have the opportunity, and the props to make great content. All they need is great ideas…could we help you?

Car Dealer MediaOn the whole, car dealers don’t take advantage of low-hanging opportunities for engagement – both online and physical – to ensure that a customer’s experience starts long before they ever need a car.

Customer experience is a combination of exposure to a brand, engagement with a brand, and experience trust in a brand.

All three of these touch points can be activated before the buying cycle. By using social media.

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Below is a summary of the concept, and some real working examples of our approach in action.

The concept

Here’s an idea. Use the social media tools at your disposal to build a motoring community which results in people like me (and my Mum!) visiting your car showrooms, long before we realise we want to buy a car.

Paul WoodfordHow? By engaging with local motorists to create content they want to watch, and activity they want to engage with. And to do this by producing content which entertains, adds value to their day-to-day life, or answers existing questions they might have.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, YouTube and Periscope are all places where conversations relevant to your business are already happening. There will be questions out there you’d love to be answering, you just need to find them.

The concept is really brought to life when you combine online and physical activity to create a truly interactive, immersive brand experience.

On the whole, a personality-led approach to creating motoring content will reach a wider audience, and more importantly; encourage that audience to engage with your brand or event.

Paul WoodfordIt’s the difference between Top Gear and Fifth Gear, the difference between a ‘group test drive event’ and a bespoke, locally-inspired, crafted dealership launch event. It’s the difference between producing content because you think you ought to, and making something that your audience – and customer – might actually want to watch and share.

It’s the difference between doing what everyone else does when it comes to motoring content, and dropping a line to Paul Woodford.

Here’s an example of how Paul Woodford is working with a number of car dealers to do just that. If you come to Paul for a car review, chances are you’ll leave with a lot more than that.

Footman James Manchester Classic Car Show – presenter / social media / TV advert

The Footman James Manchester Classic Car Show, held at Event City in Manchester is one of the UK’s largest classic motoring events.

IMG_7773From 2016, Paul Woodford has presented at, created content at, produced social media activity from, and filmed the TV advertisement for the show.

Prior to Paul’s involvement, the show had little external social media activity, and was lacking a dynamic presence for its TV advertising schedule, which airs on Quest and Discovery television channels.

Paul provides a range of build-up, on-event and post-event support, from commentating on the live Group B rally stage, to hosting live social media content across various platforms, and of course producing the TV advert.

IMG_7767Paul’s production of the TV advert covers all aspects; shooting, voiceover, production and integration of graphic assets.

Paul’s profile in motoring; particularly classic motoring through his Classics Driven social media channel, his Car Films and rally television means he is known among many of the show’s exhibitors and visitors, and he provides an accessible on-the-ground link between the event, and third party content on social media as a result.

To find out how working with Paul Woodford to raise the profile of your motoring event, get in touch HERE.

TV advert

Video content

Example social media activity


Ford’s all-new performance car range, headlined by the Focus RS and Mustang GT, is a big deal for car fans.

Evans Halshaw wanted to capitalise on the excitement around these new models, and appeal to the car enthusiast market. In order to do this, they had to come from an understanding of what made Fast Ford fans tick.

Paul teamed up with SSTV Producer, Wayne Goldring for this project; a partnership born out of nine years’ rally TV experience, which fits perfectly.

The concept was to introduce the idea of an Evans Halshaw ‘Ford Store’ as a performance Ford hub; the place to go if you want to talk to like-minded enthusiasts about getting the most out of your car.

The video content would go alongside a series of events at Ford Stores across the UK, promoting Ford’s performance range in the context of Evans Halshaw’s tuning partner, Dream Science. This focus had to be balanced with Ford’s overall tuning provider, Mountune, despite the presence throughout the events being the former.

The approach was to produce a film focused on the experience of motoring; presenting the idea that Evans Halshaw provides the final piece of the jigsaw in taking fans of the brand right back to where RS, and Mustang began.

The shoot involved full TV-spec equipment, including road-going mounts and booms, and a professional drone, provided by SSTV. In addition to the ‘promotional’ or informative film, Paul supported the campaign with his own #CarFilms feature, giving credibility to the claims made in the Evans Halshaw edit.

Paul’s audience knows him as a petrolhead. In order to successfully promote on behalf of a motoring brand, content which is seen to follow Paul’s own personal YouTube style is key.

The video series was picked up by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May’s online video platform, DRIVE TRIBES, increasing brand exposure beyond the normal delivery methods.


In addition, American Ford magazine ‘Ford NXT’ picked up the story, producing a Q&A feature with Paul as part of their publication.


Video content

Example social media activity


DM Keith Skoda Kodiaq Launch

January 2017 saw the exclusive preview launch of Skoda’s hotly anticipated new SUV, Kodiaq. DM Keith was one of a number of Skoda’s dealerships previewing the car to a VIP audience.

DM Keith’s Marketing Team contacted Paul to produce a film, and help with reaching a social media audience for the event.

The idea of the launch film was to get across the atmosphere of the launch, together with the excitement being generated by the Kodiaq prior to the car hitting UK roads.

Working with the official Skoda presenter on the evening, Paul conducted interviews and filmed the evening set-up and proceedings to produce a content series.

This was delivered on social media by DM Keith, as a follow-on from the successful and unique ‘Moving Mag’ concept which launched in 2016. More Kodiaq content is planned for the series when the cars arrive for on-the-road previews in April.

Video content

Example social media activity


Evans Halshaw EV electric motoring video blog series

Electric cars are becoming bigger business, but even bigger are the questions which remain, around whether or not an ‘EV’ can work in the real world of motoring. Evans Halshaw decided to find out, and send Paul an all-electric Nissan Leaf. Was this myth-busting, or bravery from the UK’s leading automotive retailer?

The plan was simple; create a video blog series, detailing life in a Nissan Leaf, pitting the car – and the wider EV concept – against the pressures, limitations and logistical challenges that everyday motoring life presents.

Talking of logistics, however, the process of filming a 13 ‘episode’ video blog in two days made for a challenge in itself, and it was one which Paul relished.

Covering 10 key objections, which linked to research carried out by industry bodies, Nissan and Evans Halshaw, Paul set out to provide a petrolhead’s view of electric motoring.

Crucially, the Nissan team at Evans Halshaw gave Paul editorial freedom and an open brief, and with that came a credible approach that aimed to represent the Nissan and Evans Halshaw brands without an obvious brief to promote a corporate vision.

The series was delivered by Evans Halshaw, through a dedicated EV blog on their website, with supporting social media activity by Paul, and a number of associated channels and relevant brands.

The first launch video attracted over 3000 views in a week on direct upload to Facebook, with activity from The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) and Drive EV Blog – among others – helping to increase reach.

View the blog series on the Evans Halshaw website, HERE.

This is a good example of how working with an established, accessible motoring profile can help to engage with an audience, with the client maintaining control of output, messages, and follow-ups as part of a wider marketing plan.

Video content

[Full series edit]

Example social media activity


Evans Halshaw Vauxhall Dealership Launch film

When the UK’s leading automotive retailer, Evans Halshaw called on Paul to host the launch of their brand new state-of-the-art Vauxhall dealership in Leeds, it was time to introduce Paul’s style of motor trade media to the company.

Car Dealer MediaCar dealership launches don’t come much better endowed than this one, with a number of heavyweight representatives from the UK motor industry on hand to celebrate the launch of the firm’s latest building, as well as their latest, highly anticipated crossover, the Mokka X.

Among the guests were Vauxhall Motors Chairman and Managing Director, Rory Harvey and Evans Halshaw Chief Operating Officer, Martin Casha. Paul joined the two brands to celebrate a motoring story which started in Leeds in the 1950s.

Car Dealer MediaTo add a suitable level of production value to the media side of the package, Paul teamed up with Rally TV Producer, Wayne Goldring to bring a TV-perspective to proceedings. A cross between magazine feature and TV programme, the Evans Halshaw film is a good example of how to get across the passion of a brand, together with the story of a business.

This video content forms part of a suite of marketing activities being undertaken by Evans Halshaw to raise the profile of the Vauxhall franchise, in the wake of the launch of this prestigious new dealership. You can read more about the launch, HERE.

Video content



DM Keith Skoda / SEAT “Moving Mag”

The idea of Moving Mag is to convey the personality of the DM Keith brand, to a social media audience, using interaction from ‘real life’ people to build up a selection of different types of creative content, together with a magazine TV show-style feature.

Paul WoodfordFilmed using a make-shift studio at the dealership, the content started adding value by gaining valuable exposure before the film date, with some short set-up content used to introduce the hashtag.

The activity during the day’s filming at the dealership was shared online on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube in an ‘experiential’ documentary marketing style, with the audience encouraged to follow, like and subscribe to DM Keith’s social media channels to follow the latest content.

A combination of infographics, short platform-specific video snippets (30 sec Twitter, 1 minute Instagram), trailers and feature segments then followed, before the main edit landed.

Paul is working with the Marketing Team at the dealership to ensure that short-form content was in-line with messages and values being delivered in the wider marketing plan, and activity is being measured in terms of reach and exposure, and specific hashtag activity for #MovingMag.

The first series is underway, with content already being delivered and the main feature launching soon. This case study will be updated, with vital statistics and feedback, together with comprehensive details of the content produced. 

Video content

Moving Mag – pilot series (in full)


Example social media activity

Trenton Nissan ‘Retail Concept’ film

Originally looking for a series of car reviews to be produced by local ‘bloggers’, Trenton kept an open mind when it came to content to help launch their new Lincolnshire Nissan dealership.

The world of motoring media is saturated with car reviews. It says a lot that Top Gear moved away from straight reviews of new cars, and moved towards a more personality-led style of filming cars.

Paul WoodfordA straight car review is a construct of the motoring industry; a legacy of when car magazines first found YouTube as a way of expressing their thoughts in a new and exciting way.

It’s not necessarily the best way to engage with an audience, and with some accepted exceptions, most people don’t want to watch a car review of the latest family hatchback. Consumers are media savvy now, and want the information provided in a traditional car review in a much more linear, efficient way.

Indeed, a quick look on YouTube will show you that the most popular car reviews are, well not actually reviews at all – think more story / film!

So the idea proposed to Trenton, was to explore the dealership, in order to show off their ‘retail concepts’ sales process in a more engaging way, drawing on the third party endorsement element of a review or blog content.

Two evenings filming in the dealership after hours led to a film with a difference, and one which demonstrates what can be achieved when you think outside the box. Car dealership marketing and media should start with engagement, and end with whatever that means when you add it to your brand.

We can help with that – contact Paul if you’d like to discuss ideas for your brand, event or dealership.


Example social media activity

Evans Halshaw Ford Store launch and live broadcast

The fact that Paul ordered a new car from the new Ford Store in Hull just a few weeks before hosting the launch of the dealership was a mutually pleasing coincidence.

The fact that Paul knew exactly what to do to make the event a success, from the knowledge of what visitors would be interested in, to how to get the best out of the invited and VIP guests, was no coincidence.

Paul WoodfordPaul is experienced in hosting events, interviewing various types of guest, from A list to ‘scribbled list’. That’s why he was perfect for pulling together Evans Halshaw’s launch of their latest Ford Store – licensed to sell the ‘special’ Ford brands; RS, Mustang and GT.

The dealership team had no idea how to make the event flow, how to arrange the features, activities and timings, and the assembled guests and VIPs had no idea what to expect.

And that’s all that was needed – the basics were there, so all that was left to do was get across some of the company’s values and key messages to the guests, and ensure the speakers were introduced and interviewed appropriately for their position in the company.

Paul’s extensive knowledge of the Ford brand, together with his motoring profile, meant that he could turn what risked looking like a box-ticking marketing event, into a full-scale motoring show.

Paul also followed up with the dealership with edited media content, links to the live broadcasts and promos that had been produced on the day, and feedback for future events to ensure they get the most out of the resources at their disposal.

live Broadcast Q&A for Great Escape Classic Car Hire

One of the UK’s leading classic car hire companies, Great Escape Cars was looking to extend its audience reach, namely through social media. From car films to live broadcasts, Paul was on hand to help with this objective.

Paul WoodfordPaul’s age defies his love for classic cars going back to the pre-war era. One of a new generation of classic motoring enthusiasts, Paul is passionate about raising the profile of the ways to enjoy classic cars to even newer generations of petrolheads.

One way to do this, is to combine a love for classic cars, with a talent for creating engaging social media live – and recorded – content.

As well as a series of car films, featuring cars owned and maintained by Great Escape Cars (which you want watch HERE), Paul has also produced a series of promo films, both car and brand led.

In addition, taking the venerable ‘Twitter Hour’ concept on to its next stage, Paul hosted a live social media Q&A session, based within a make-shift studio in heart of the company’s operations in Worcestershire.

Paul lent his profile, knowledge of classic cars, and love for all things motoring to this event, which led to a number of spin-off pieces of content, including linking up with fellow motoring journalists and bloggers for a media event.

Classic car hire headliner

Media road trip promo

Top Ten classic cars

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